French Food

One of the cuisines that people want to try and are curious about is the French food. It was a knowledge that French people are not prone to being obese and they are mostly fit. It is easy to get fat due to food that we eat but the French are not that easy. That is why the curiosity went to the food that they are eating. Now French food is not just found in France but also in other countries as they learned how to do it so they could offer it in different areas other than France.

If you want some French food but do not know what to order, here is a list you can choose from. The baguette is one of the popular bread of France and around the world, they also produce it. You can also find beef bourguignon, brioche, coq au vin, boudin blanc, boule, camembert, bouillabaisse, brandade, brie, cassoulet, cuisses de grenouille, Éclair, fondue, flute, fougasse, duck confit, duchess(e) potatoes, and crème brûlée. The crêpe and croissants are very well-known.

You can also find escargots, ficelle, gougeres, foie gras, French onion soup, macaroons, raclette, pain dore, madeleine, mille feuilles, mousse au chocolat, pot au frites, pain de campagne, quiche lorraine, truffes, tapenade, roquefort, salade nicoise, tarte tatin, valençay, and tourte. These are some of the French food that you can order when you find a French restaurant or one that offers them. You may find others to not what you have expected acoording to name but they could be amazing to know sometimes.